Wednesday, February 22, 2012

After the storm, the calm

Was awake at 06.00am when I heard what can only be described as banging, certainly not bells. After a while it dawned on us that it was the daily 6am call for the monks to receive alms. Perhaps we'll get up tomorrow morning to watch, perhaps we won't! Had a lovely breakfast on the balcony of the hotel, overlooking the main street. Our initial impressions of the hotel were confirmed. Definitely colonial style.

Although it was only 8am it was already getting hot. We set off to explore on foot.

This is so different to Hanoi. Luang Prabang has a reputation for being laid back. We now understand why. It really is the calm after the noise and chaos of the past few days.The stall holders don't hustle you to buy (they actually probably sell more that way). John said that it is the most civilised market to which I have subjected him.

We wandered and spent huge chunks of time drinking beer sitting in shaded cafes by the river. We saw - and videod - a most entertaining sight of several pigs being reluctantly unloaded from a riverboat. That amused us.

At the same cafe we watched a group of local lads playing boules. They were really rather good.

We walked up to the confluence of the river Mekong and Nan Khan river.

Walking back along the side of the Nam Khan river we came across this rickety wooden footbridge which we concluded must have been the prototype for the Squiggly Bridge in Glasgow.

John took zillions more photos. Culling them is going to be a mammoth project. Although it was not planned this way this happens to be our third UNESCO World Heritage Site this trip.

Just back from the night market. John came too but that was ok really. It wasn't busy. Loads of stalls and a riot of colour. There was some hustling but nothing like in Vietnam. Bought a couple of things but not the one thing I was really looking for. Maybe I'll get it in one of the shops tomorrow.


  1. Glad Dad isn't hindering your shopping too much! Sounds like you have packed a huge range of experiences into this one.

    1. Glad you sussed the blog on your mobile Jenny. Hope landline phone back on soon.

  2. Loving the Balcony scene look very tranqual

  3. The market looks fab! Remember you ve not much baggage 2 fit shopping in to! Lol. The best thing 2 do would be to stick to liquid shopping!

  4. Glad you were able to enjoy the markets. Love the bridge although I am curious as to why it's so squigly. Surely not aesthetics. A practical reason?

  5. Fixed that Gillie. They sell luggage here too!

  6. Hotel does look very colonial,surprised you weren't provided with pith helmets.The pigs you saw were probably tomorrow's dinner arriving.