Saturday, February 18, 2012

In from the cold

Today it's been cold. Hardly rained at all but I donned yellow splot as an extra layer against the cold. Sad or what?

Walked around and explored the city, mainly the old town. It's a maze of narrow streets and frantic activity, not unlike your average kasbah!

In particular there are overhead wires absolutely everywhere. An added skill which electricians need to have here is the ability to unravel knots.

Don't usually have lunch but did today as a means of warming up. Another great warmer upper was my foot massage. There was the inevitable pain but also plenty gain.

Couldn't wait to get back to the hotel for a sauna. What luxury - a sauna en suite! Actually I suppose it's a steam bath.

Needed a stop for supplies and saw Hanoi Vodka. We have long held to the view that things can be suspiciously cheap and at less than £3 a bottle this definitely falls into that category! A quick road test and it seems ok. Tomorrow morning might be another story. Hope not as we have an 8am pick up to go for our Halong Bay cruise.


  1. Glad you got a splendid splot photo! You are only sad if you feel sad! I'd rather just be warm!

    Thank heaven I'm not an electrician there!

    What a fabulous steam shower.....Hmmm.

  2. Your poor little cold feet !!!! Glad you're still smiling though :-)

  3. At £3 a bottle, I suppose you do have to pour it yourselves. From decadence to manual labour in a couple of days. How will you cope?

  4. I asume you are not just paying for an empty bottle!