Friday, February 17, 2012


Struck lucky last night and had the compartment to ourselves. I slept well. John less so. Both of us noted a couple of occasions during the night when the carriage rather alarmingly appeared to be going up and down rather than side to side. However we're still here.

Woke to drizzle and a grey day, as forecast. It's a pity 'cos the scenery was quite spectacular.

When we boarded the train it was running almost an hour late. It made up some time during the night but lost time again when we had an unscheduled stop. If it had been in the UK we would have concluded that someone had pulled the communication cord. That's a bit advanced for Vietnamese trains. Nevertheless the train had braked very abruptly then lots of railway staff were running alongside the train looking at its undercarriage. Lots of excited shouting then half an hour later we were on our way.

To redress the taxi drivers balance - we got a really good rate from the station to the hotel. Our hotel in Hanoi old town looks somewhat unprepossessing but..... what a shower (literally!) The room is fairly basic but the shower cabinet has lights, music that we haven't worked out how to get, a standard spray, a drench head, jacuzzi jets and a sauna! Wow! Wow! Wow! I just love it. If Hanoi disappoints we can spend the next three days in the shower! Can;t put a photo in here 'cos the bathroom is too steamy!


  1. Maybe you got a good rate from the taxi driver because he was warned about you by the previous taxi driver.I take it you don't get metered for water!or do you?

  2. A carriage going up and down? Sounds scary.

  3. Back on line after my final 4 days working now to enjoy retirement again well that is until I reach Aus. just spent this morning reading the back BLOGs and it sounds like you are having an intresting and varied time but what an amazing country you seem to go-on regardless of upsy-downy trains now the shower does sound 'different' pity you cannot read a book while relaxing - nothy sounds scary or grazy with you two...