Friday, February 3, 2012

Bubonic Plague

Last night I was displaying my collection of bites to John. A couple of them were angry large raised flat topped mounds. John pronounced that they didn't look like bites. They looked more like an illness! Bubonic plague? He sure knows how to make a girl feel good! Thanks for the zapper gadget Jane. I had bought another one too. I gave my lumps the maximum 10 zaps and to belt and brace it I applied the requisite cream as well. Magic. This morning the plague has gone. I am left with little red blotches - a mere shadow of their aggressive beings.With our supply of armour we will beat the blighters. Don't know if the photo will show its true glory amid the cellulite!


  1. "Horrible, Horrible" said Hamlet. Leastways I think he said that. I seem to react to bites more now than I used to. I hope that's not the case with you and that you manage to keep the little blighters at bay. Given how John usually reacts how is he getting on?

  2. John has not got a single bite. There again he is not such a delicious tasty morcel!

  3. Must have been very small mozzy,don't see much evidence of a bite.