Friday, February 10, 2012

What a brilliant day!

Lovely dinner again last night - deep fried squid and other dishes we weren't sure what they were.

Up early this morning for our day trip to the Mekong Delta. We were about an hour and a half in the bus each way but it was through lovely countryside. Lots of rice fields. They are mainly Buddhists here so when a rice farmer dies they entomb him in one of his fields so that he may watch over his land in the afterlife. That accounts for the grave stones we kept seeing in the rice fields.

Down at the Delta we went in a smallish boat round the islands. We got off at one and saw how they keep the bees for honey tea. The tea was made by putting honey in the bottom of a wee glass, adding some pollen and a squeeze of lime then topping up with boiling water. It was quite delicious. Even John liked it.While we enjoyed our tea we watched local singing and dancing. There was all the usual handicrafts - bought you something Jenny.

The island also breeds pythons - for their skins. One of us was braver than the other in having a python round the neck!

We then watched them making coconut candy. The whole process from opening the coconut to packaging the candy takes just 4 hours. Bought a slab for the troops.

After that we transferred to small 4 person long narrow rowing boats. John dropped his sunglasses overboard which was a trifle annoying. They weren't Oakleys but nevertheless they were good ones. We couldn't beieve it when someone handed them to John later - one of the crew had fished them out. Is this the people's yin to the Saigon taxi driver's yang? We really enjoyed our relaxing meander through wooded creeks. It was hardly down the Amazon but definitely up the Mekong.

Lunch was included but in the words of Chloe - I didn't really want lunch anyway! Having seen what was on the menu I really really didn't want lunch anyway.

We then went back to our start point in a horse and cart.

Very touristy but we are tourists. It was a truly memorable day.


  1. Wow that was a day that I would enjoy, apart from the snakes. Menu not too hot either.
    Where do you two find all your energy?
    Keep enjoying.

  2. That sounds like an amazing day. There are some touristy things there is a very good reason all the tourists do it!

  3. Glad you had such a great day. Certainly looks interesting. And there's no shame to doing touristy things you know!

    I'm not sure that there's a lot of difference academically in eating any creature: cow or snake. Just don't ask me to eat anything that looks like it's ever been alive though or I'll revert to being a non-meat-eater. I thought you were made of much sterner stuff than I.

    Interestingly I love snakes (to hold not to eat!).

  4. Wow!!! Donnie and I would have loved the opportunity to hold the snake. The coconut candy wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes with me. There would have been no chance of me taking any home!!!