Saturday, February 4, 2012

Merchandise and Massage

We were both looking forward to our lie in this morning. 4.10. Boing! Even John woke but his wakefullness was short lived. i dozed a bit but there is so much to see and do that I found lying awake most frustrating. Lasted until 7am then got up.
I should begin by saying that last night's dinner was actually rather disappointing. It was fine. Yes Cath, "Fine"
After a good breakfast we headed off to a handicraft centre. It is Cambodian run but funded mainly by foreign governments. The aim of the project is to teach craft skills to local people particularly the disadvantaged. The high quality of the goods they make is reflected in the relatively high cost. We wandered round and bought a few things.

In keeping with the spirit of social welfare I had decided to go for a massage at Seeing Hands Massage, the clue is in the title. All the masseurs are blind. When I say "all" there was actually only one there. Apparaently he was only qualified to do Japanese massages. I didn't fully appreciate what a Japanese massage was till John had gone and I was installed on this table. It hurt. Hurt big time. I spent ages working out how I could get him to stop without hurting his feelings. His English was virtually nonexistent. I tried to be a big brave cowgirl and not cry out. If I wasn't in such pain I would have laughed. Here I was almost crying with pain and paying for the priviledge. I would never call myself a masochist but... He had a watch that spoke the time in English every few minutes so I could tell myself how much of the hour had passed or how much was left. I am very much a half full glass person. I wonder how that translates.
This was the first time I have ever been pleased to hear John's cough. I knew my hour was almost up. Did I feel better afterwards? I dont know.

After a light lunch we went to the Day Market. Last night we had gone to the Night Market but shopping and markets are not John's thing so that was a very brief and fruitless visit. This afternoon's foray was not much longer. I did manage to get something for Gillie before being reminded that there would be other markets. I will go on my own to them!
We rewarded ourselves with a reflexology massage. Altogether a better experience.

Now it's blogging and packing before we go out to dinner.


  1. I thought the only thing that could make a massage bad for you was being cold! At least you had a better one later. And a bit of shopping no doubt also improved the day for you!

  2. Being paid to be hurt. Hmmm. I love markets. The night market in Hong Kong was just wonderful. I shall return for more photography one day. Hope tonight's dinner was better than fine.

  3. Dinner was beautiful. It turned out that the chef from last night's restaurant had sold and moved to a much bigger and grander place. We had walked past it during the day and decided to go back there at night. It was called Le Meridien which made us wonder and was really busy which was another clue. We asked if it was the chef who had lived in Paris. It was. So glad we had such a wonderful meal.

  4. Hi both, Fiona is giving me instructions on how I can do this and hopefully you can read.....

  5. what did you have for dinner that was 'just fine', danni xx

  6. Hi Danni We had a platter with 6 different dishes on it. They were a mixture of fish, meat and vegetables. All ok but the amok the first night was so fabulous and the amok the following night was also delicious. Grandpa had grilled sea bass that he really enjoyed We love our food!

  7. Bad taste?but did they have guide dogs with them?