Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Food again!

When we were out walking yesterday we identified a couple of places we would like to go for dinner so last night we took a tuk-tuk to The Lemongrass restaurant. We both ordered grilles seabass in sweet and sour sauce. Seabass is not the fleshiest of fish so there was actually very little fish to eat. It looked beautiful and the sauce and garnish were wonderful. We had a bit of excitement when the power went off. It kept tripping when they tried to get it going. Everyone was very good natured about it and cheered when it diod finally start up.

Yesterday I wrote of our deicious breafast. We had the same again today. It lasts us until dinner but of course we have beer to sustain us at lunchtime!

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  1. The sea bass must have been on a diet,because they are usually meaty,maybe you orderd the childrens sea bass.