Tuesday, February 14, 2012


We think we might have found our ideal holiday destination.

The hotel is wonderful but above all, affordable. Our room with balcony is spacious, air con is almost silent, fridge has space for our drinks. Breakfast is fabulous with masses of different fresh fruits. Large infinity pool with more than enough loungers - even with the Germans! Private beach also has loads of  loungers and straw parasols. Unlike many beach resorts there is a wee stall next door for essential supplies and also offering a laundry service. Across the road are a couple of inexpensive restaurants serving local cuisine.

The courtesy bus takes you into Hoi An for free or a taxi is only £3. Hoi An is something else. It manages to combine modern tourist tat, squillions of tailors with the quaintness and quiet charm of the old town.

I yielded to the temptation of local tailors and am now in proud possession of a beautiful silk dress and jacket plus a cotton sundress and linen skirt. "My" girl was helpful and lovely to look at.

 The town at night is festooned with coloured lanterns and has a real fun atmosphere. It is a photographer's paradise.

I am so torn with wanting to enjoy the luxury of our hotel but not wanting to miss the attractions of the town The huge market was a riot of colour with both food and souvenirs in equal measure.

I loved Rio and still want to go back but here is a close second.

Thanks to Graham for setting up my skype credit I can now call any UK number. Great to have a long chat with Donnie and Cath this evening..


  1. Looks and sounds so good even I could be tempted out of my comfort zones. Talking to all your pals and family whilst away so easily and cheaply is, when you think about it, amazing. To our parents at our age it was on the far horizon. I wonder what the next 20 years will bring.

  2. Looks absolutely fantastic!! I am maybe just a teeny bit jealous... ;-)

  3. Looks great,can you not record your hotel while your out,and play it back later so you don't miss anything!