Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Doing nothing

I can't remember when I last had a whole day of doing absolutely nothing. It has been simply wonderful.

Much of today's inactivity has involved watching the coracle fishermen. How they manage to make these craft move, much less steer them is quite beyond us.

John had planned to take a bike from the hotel and go off for a couple of hours with his camera. I was surprised and a little concerned when he returned after about 40 minutes. It turned out that the bikes were made in Japan for people of Japanese stature! He chose the one with the seat set at the highest but even at that his knees were bashing the handlebars with every turn. An attempt to raise the seat more was more successful in dismantling the entire construction and nearly led to a very unpleasant accident involving the seat post! However he did get some good photos.

Sadly it's now time to roll everything up for the rucksack again.


  1. I recall years ago watching coraclers on the river at, I think, Durham and marvelling at how they steered them. Doing it out at sea and fishing at the same time is even more amazing.

    I laughed at the thought of John riding a bike for a diddy person! Sorry, John!

    I hope that you travel on refreshed.

  2. A day doing nothing? How decadent! You mean you didn't even pour your own G&Ts ? Now that would be decadent.

  3. I take it the saddle height would be ok for me John!How many coracles did the fishermen catch?Photos very idyllic just like Stornoway harbour.