Monday, February 20, 2012

Halong day 2

Another dawn start. Light breakfast before our next excursion. After a misty start the sun came out, Definitely warmer than yesterday,

view from our balcony
 We cruised around more of the islands before transferring to a rowing boat to explore one of the largest caves in the bay. Very different to yesterday's.

Back to the boat for brunch. My avoirdupois could not stand a longer cruise! Relax time until back ashore at noon. By which time the mist had descended again. How lucky were we.

This has been a fantastic experience. We were so lucky in our choice of junk. We deliberately chose a more upmarket cruise. Good decision. We had thought our boat was 50-60 years old but in fact it was just a little over 3 years old but made in the style of older vessels.

Chauffered back to the hotel again. Time to relax in our private steam before an early dinner and then off to a show at the water puppet theatre. At this stage it is not clear whether the puppets, the puppeteers or even the entire audience are the ones in the water! 


  1. I'm vicariously enjoying your holiday more and more.

  2. It's so nice to know that others are sharing our experiences through our. blog

  3. Boat does look old.Look forward to hearing more about your Punch and Judy show,if I remember correctly there is a crocodile as part of the show,so it will feel at home in the water.