Saturday, February 25, 2012

Completing the circle.

Not impressed with either Vientiane or the Vansana hotel. Dinner in the hotel not much cop. We should have clocked that when the reception staff seemed surprised we planned to eat in the hotel. That was a clue! They forgot about our airport transfer this morning and their credit card machine had broken down.

Short Air Asia flight to K.L. was just 2.5 hours and started with our final view of the Mekong. It was obscured somewhat by an intense heat haze but still visible.. Air Asia is a bit like Ryanair but with rice. Big difference is the glamorous female cabin attendants. They also don't conclude their flights with the crass fanfare so beloved by Ryanair.

Bus to train station (in the process passing the F1 track at Sepang - Graham please note), train to city centre and taxi to hotel. Easy. In room at 3.30pm. K.L. is 8 hours ahead of U.K. as opposed to Laos 7 hours.

Cath if you wished you were with us for the elephant ride you would wish you were at this hotel with us too. . It's just like the Traders in Hong Kong. Check in at the club lounge, complimentary tea, coffee and soft drinks all day and cocktails from 5.30 till 7.30. It's only 4.30 now so that will have to wait until tomorrow's blog.

In the main we have chosen small hotels but this is huge.

I went down to take a few photos and then of course I couldn't remember our room number. I thought it might be 1924 so rang their bell. Fortunately nobody was in. I then decided to eat humble pie and go back to the club lounge to ask. It's 1928. I wont forget again.

Checked out the pool. Will maybe have a swim on Monday.We treated ourselves to this rather grand hotel for our last 3 nights so I want to make the most of it.

John is still feeling a little delicate so will be careful where we have dinner tonight.


  1. What an amazing month and it is always good to finish on a High and the Hotel seem's to hit the mark we had a few days in KL on way to Aus. but not in such luxury - enjoy your last few days I will probably be at the start of my journey to Aus. Kenny taking me down on Tuesday and we are staying at the airport then I fly to Dubai on Wed but as your travels time is always changing ahead of me and I arrive in Perth at 01:15
    will follow you blog over the weekend - the pool look VERY inviting x

  2. Sepang noted! Hope you improve to appreciate such luxury. Meanwhile I'm in Kohukohu with a very noisy family of Possum in the roof above me. Can I swop please?

  3. Hotel looks fabulous even bettr than the Traders.I take it it has 1928+ rooms.Do you intend to spend most of your time relaxing or do you still have some exploring to do?Your holiday seems to have passed very quickly,but the blog has made us feel as if we were with you,wish we were.