Sunday, February 26, 2012

The big finish - part 1

K.L. is quite unlike anywhere else we've been on this trip. Its size is bigger, buildings are higher (and a lot more of them) and the economy is obviously very buoyant.

We took an open top bus tour of the city this morning - 3 hours to do the circuit. It was a good idea as it gave us a sense of what was where. Although the central area is not that large it is quite hilly and surprisingly well wooded so that you get very few distant views and therefore no sense of wider scale. On parts of the journey it was all very reminiscent of Fritz Lang's Metropolis with concentrations of high rise buildings divided by elevated roadways.

Despite all the new buildings there are still chunks of greenery and areas of older buildings.

We then went back to Chinatown.

After 3 hours in the sun on an open-top bus beers were urgently required. We then wandered through the huge market and bought the ultimate present. Let's hope the recipient agrees with us. After spotting it we just kept grinning. We were so delighted with ourselves.

We then headed off to Central market. The weather deteriorated. Black clouds loomed and we had a tremendous downpour accompanied by a couple of splendid claps of thunder. We took shelter in a large open-sided marquee at which some sort of event was about to take place. This proved to be a badly organised break-dancing competition. We endured it long enough for the rain to ease before exploring the wonders of Central market.

Cocktail hour was approaching so we just took a taxi back to the hotel..


  1. City looks very modern and developed,keep meaning to take the open top bus tour through Glasgow,could use my bus pass?Intrigued about the ultimate present can't wait,who is it for?will they like it?

    1. Don't know if they will but everyone else will!

  2. I was in Whangerei an hour ago (in Auckland airport now waiting for flight to Napier) and I saw a building with 4 stories! Might have been 5 if it had a basement! Took 3 mins to walk round centre. One day I'll have to branch out and go and see the world! Glad you are having a good end to your holiday. Actually you may be leaving as I write this.