Monday, February 20, 2012

Along to Halong

Up early for our 8am pick up to Halong Bay. We had expected a mini bus load but were delighted to discover that we had our own chauffeur for the 3.5 hour journey to the port.

Wow! Wow! Wow! We can't believe this. I just love it. The junk is a real step back in time to the days when style was defined as a transatlantic liner. The floors are all highly polished wood, chairs all upholstered and the drapes exude opulence.

Our cabin is spacious with a far larger ensuite than we could have expected. The shower is double length with lashings of hot water. Our balcony reflects the size of the room and has cane table and chairs. The room even has a fridge. It is all way beyond our expectations.

Lunch was a seafood compilation all beautifully presented.

After lunch we enjoyed a while cruising around.

We then boarded a tender for an excursion to some caves. Oh yes, we thought. Seen one cave, seen them all. Boy were we wrong! It was absolutely spectacular. Amazing rock formations cleverly lit and almost cathedral like spaces. Thunder thighs may have somthing to say tomorrow.

We visited another island with a mountain to climb. We passed on that as it was already getting dark and there were loads of steep steps with little or no handrail. Back to the boat, very happy chappies.

Another gastronomical delight for dinner.

 They really push the boat out for the food! In the course of the meal we were given a demonstartion of what could only be described as synchronised waitressing. We retired early as we had another crack of dawn start.


  1. This looks like my favourite place/experience so far.

  2. Did you sail under sail at any time?The junk looks very swish,a step back in time,no need for an upgrade then!

  3. Stunning (scenery, boat and menu!). I see you had the Union Flag and not the Saltire at your table..